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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Canon 6D Mark II; 50mm prime, fixed; Self-timer; Virginia Beach, Virginia


I’ve done plenty in the realm of business prior to becoming a photographer. There were grueling internships, full time employment in the heart of Manhattan, fundraising non-profits that sent me into the burbs. Plenty of desk jobs called my name and I followed those paths gladly until I felt my time behind a desk had run its course.

I followed my passion for photography starting my own company, Isa Rose Photography in 2019, mostly focused on live music and festival work. Now as we ambitiously trek into 2021, having felt stifled in our work last year, Shado of a Rose Photography has been passionately born.

Now as we ambitiously trek into 2021...Shado of a Rose Photography has been passionately born.

I think the beauty of our progress to date is the fresh eyes and hearts we have as we approach this work. Both well versed in our photography skills prior to joining forces, Shado has paid careful attention to his progress as a cannabis photographer while I expanded my family portrait experience. Both of us found photographic salvation where we could as COVID-19 restricted the music and festival scene, a genre where we both got our start.

Business with bae is off to the races and dare I say, doing very well! We communicate daily about progress I am spearheading. We’ve faced gaps of communication that we were able to flesh out and resolve. Each day we learn new skills and shortcomings we bring to the table.

Sony a7iii 85mm; Virginia Beach, Virgina


It’s not often people document the progress of a new relationship, nevertheless in tandem with a new business venture. I want to do both. For my own sense of excitement and desire to record our origin story. Not to mention, we learn a great deal about ourselves often through self reflection. Having known Shado for years at this point, I can say confidently he’d agree.

I want to do both...record our origin story...learn a great deal about ourselves through self reflection.

To those few sets of eyes seeing this first post, thank you for joining Shado and I on your photographic journey down the river of love. YES, dramatic, but it seems like an all too fitting metaphor. Go with me on this!

Talk soon,

Isa Rose

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