Romance and Photography: Can the two mix?

In the midst of growing a business with your partner, who just so happens to be a photographer as well, there are plenty of creative ways to mix business with pleasure.

Sony a7iii mirrorless; 1.8f/85mm; Virginia Beach, Virgina; October, 2020


Turns out you and can totally have your cake and eat it too!

They say it’s impossible to have both but we’ve found with a lot of hard work, and a bit of luck, the path to business and pleasure can be one and the same! For both of us, there has always been this burning desire to create and build. And for a long time we risked the idea of stable living to follow the dream of using our art to sustain our lives. Along this path we’ve both had to make sacrifices in order to continue following our vision but in the end it has always been worth it.

They say it’s impossible to have both and pleasure can be one and the same!

For me I had never truly conceived that I’d find a partner who not only shared in this risky aspiration but helped me achieve it. Isa and I met as two concert photographers dancing our way through life. And as corny as this sounds I can remember the exact moment she caught my eye. I saw the way she was moving through the crowd, the energy and warmth she carried with her with each step, and I knew right then and there I needed to get to know her! Luckily fate was on my side, because even though I did not have the courage to introduce myself that weekend a month later a close friend to both of us brought us together.

Canon 6D Mark II; 1.4f/50mm; Virginia Beach, Virginia; October 2020


As our relationship started to blossom we had to learn ways to bridge the four hour gap between us. We came to find that by mixing business with pleasure we could nourish both sides of our lives simultaneously. One of our first vacations together was centered around multiple family shoots. I remember the nervous feeling of not being sure if what we were trying to accomplish would work. Was it really possible to go on vacation with my partner and make money off it? Would our romantic compatibility translate to the workplace? Turns out the answer is yes!

...the secret to making it work is by only doing what is truly authentic to both of us.

But it sure isn't easy! Giving each other and our clients the space they need requires constant communication and care by all parties involved. Whether it be learning how to find the romance in the 15 minutes we have between shoots, or planning how to enjoy yourself on a budget, to being fully present with each client, and bringing the energy of our love into our photography we’ve found that the secret to making it work is by only doing what is truly authentic to both of us. And that authenticity took years of hard work and dedication to create.

We understand that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy the job that pays their bills. We understand that more often than not we are forced to choose one or the other. Be we also understand that when you put your mind to it anything is possible. And even more important than that, we know that together we are stronger than we could ever be alone.

Thanks for following along our journey. It's a beautiful road ahead.

Pleasure chattin!


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